1. Do I need an account to place an order?
Yes, an account needs to be created in order to verify the buyer’s identity. This option allows you to check the pending deliveries as well as adding products to your Wishlist. When you create the account, the communication received to your e-mail will only be based on your orders, recent promotions, or latest releases! You can unsubscribe from our e-mails at any time if you wish. Click here to get started! 
2.  How do I make a purchase?
You can purchase any item from our store. Once you have found an item, choose ADD TO BAG on the right side of the product page. Review the items in your cart that will be always displayed on the right side, in there you can either edit the quantity, or even remove any items chosen. When you’re ready, click on CHECKOUT to proceed and once you’ve reviewed all the details you can confirm the order by clicking on CONFIRM ORDER. Please note that you’ll need to register or sign in to your account in order to place the order.
3. I forgot my password – what should I do?
 To re-set your password, follow the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? instructions on MY ACCOUNT page. Please note, you’ll be asked to provide the mobile number that you used for your account set up, a reset password link will been sent to your registered mobile.
4. How will I know what products are available to purchase online?
If a product is available to purchase online there will be an “Add to Cart” button over the product image. 
5. What type of payment is required to place an online order?
Payments can be made Cash on Delivery or Credit Card. For further information, please visit our Payment section.
6. Where can I have my order shipped? 
You can have your order shipped to anywhere in Lebanon!  For further information, please visit our Shipping & Delivery section.
7. What is the delivery time frame? 
Your package will be delivered to the address you specified within 3 business days following the purchase order. The delivery charge is between 65,000 LBP and 100,000 LBP
8. Can I return or exchange my order?
Returns are only accepted for damaged items. You are entitled to exchange your product from Underwear, watches & accessories within 10 days from delivery date, provided it’s in ceiled condition and tags on. Sorry no refund. For further information, please visit our Returns & Exchange section.
9. What about warranties?
We are offering 2 years warranty on all our watches