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Real Techniques Miracle Skincare Sponge

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Up your makeup with the Miracle Skincare Sponge.

Multi-functional skin enhancer tones the skin to help prevent creasing for a smooth application. The added benefit of this sponge is targeted application of your skincare products without the mess of using your hands! The plant-derived, vegan collagen infused foam effortlessly applies toner to hydrate and enhance the skin’s texture. This acts as a better functioning, sustainable replacement for cotton pads, as it absorbs and then evenly applies and can be re-used. The vegan collagen infusion encourages firmness of skin and can soften the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

These benefits are instantly delivered to your skin! The silicone applicator has unique varying micro-massaging bristles that activate circulation and increase absorption for moisturizers and serums. Your skin will be plumped and nourished - glowing without even starting your makeup.